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Julie Seals

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Julie Seals is an Ordained Minister with the Pen-Florida District Assemblies of God. She has overcome Spina Bifida, a 17-year addiction to crystal methamphetamine, the amputation of her left leg, and a life sentence in federal prison to share her relentless passion for seeing people SET FREE from darkness to boldly live out the call of God upon their lives!


- Pastor Mary Postell

"Julie Seals has an incredible testimony that resonates God’s love and grace. She is a dynamic speaker who moves, inspires, and challenges everyone!  I highly recommend her as a dynamic speaker. You will be blessed to hear her. To know her is to love her. She is beautiful in every way and radiates God’s love. You MUST hear Julie Seals!"

- Dianna Walston

"Julie Seals is an incredible, anointed, gifted speaker! Her story has touched my heart and the lives of so many. It truly is the greatest comeback testimony I have ever heard!"

- Donna Gunn

"Julie has stepped out of the shadows of heartache, walking boldly into the light to share the hope that is within her. It has been a joy to see how God is blessing her personally, healing broken relationships and restoring health and vitality. Knowing Julie over the years and watching her live her life with the single-minded focus to share the love and hope of Jesus has been an inspiration to me personally and I am blessed to call her my friend."

- Debbie

"The power was all over Julie Seals when she held my hands and prayed for me . I felt God...

I REALLY felt Him.

I have been a Christian for over 30 years and I knew "in my mind" that God loved me, but my heart was never able to fully accept it until I heard Julie's testimony. I'm forever changed."

- Joani Bailey Ross

"This tiny girl is filled BIG with the Holy Spirit, and I was enthralled by her story. 

Julie is humble, brave, beautiful, bold, obedient, and ON FIRE for God.

It is truly contagious!"

- Shari


She touched my life and my heart so much with her words, I wish I had it on video. Julie gave me hope that an addict like me can be as beautiful as her!!!! I cried for hours in prayers after hearing her speak, and I laid every bit of my pain at the alter. It feels amazing!!!!! I got up from that altar HEALED and FREE!!!

Julie Seals touched my heart and got to me like no one has ever been able to do....."

My Story


There I was – in Federal Prison.

I had let everyone down – I had failed miserably in life.

I felt worthless and completely hopeless.

Giants of depression, self-hatred, and despair surrounded me on every side. I was so strung out from 17 years of alcohol and methamphetamine addiction that I couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence.


My left leg had been amputated due to neurological complications from the spina bifida. My dad had died unexpectedly from lung cancer, I had run away from a failing, miserable marriage, and I had lost custody of my precious son Tyler when he was 4 years old because I was such a mess.

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