Dear Friend,

The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few! When you sow financially into Julie Seals Ministries, you will play a vital role in making it possible for Julie’s book, Overcoming Every Obstacle, to be sent into every state prison, federal prison, county jail, Teen Challenge, and substance abuse recovery program in the nation. In addition, your financial gift will make it possible for Julie to travel and preach the gospel wherever the Lord opens a door! As you sow into this ministry, you are sending Julie to prisons, substance abuse recovery centers, homeless shelters, youth revivals, private Christian schools, juvenile facilities - and more! And … while you are sowing seeds into the soil of souls through this ministry, you will also be reaping a harvest of blessings in your own life.

"You hold the hope of eternity – and the MAP to get there – because the same Spirit Who raised Christ from the dead lives inside of you and He is a Comforter! A Redeemer! A Healer!"

- Julie Seals
"The miracle in your house is the light and life of Jesus living and breathing through your LIFESTORY with authenticity and transparency!"

- Julie Seals