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Don’t Bury Your Treasure!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Your TESTIMONY is your “treasure” – don’t bury it in the ground! Don’t hide it under a rock!

What has God done for you? He expects you to take all He gives you and invest it for the purpose of increase.

What has the Lord given to you? Hope? Forgiveness? Love? Deliverance? Healing? Has He saved your broken marriage? Delivered you from the pit? Healed your cancer? Brought you out of darkness?

Your testimony is your “talent” – it is your “treasure!” Don’t hide it – share it with a lost, dying, broken, hurting world today!

When you share your story, you are sharing the very source of your hope, your life, your love, and your deliverance – – – which brings increase to heaven when others who are lost and dying grab what you share and make it a lifeline to Jesus! New lives are born again! Souls are snatched from the flames of hell! Fresh hope is born! And then it is shared with others and becomes a ripple effect…you will never know until heaven the number of people who have been forever impacted by your story!

Don’t hide your talent/treasure in the ground! Don’t be embarrassed to share your story! It matters! It matters to someone you don’t even know and will never meet! Do something with your treasure today!!!

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