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Holding on when it’s Hard

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

1) I asked God to keep my mom alive until I got out so that she could see me live for Jesus and be the daughter and woman she always knew and dreamed I could be. 2) I asked God to save my son (who was only 4 years old when I lost custody of him) and reunite me with him again.

Seventeen months later, shortly before my release from prison, I was called to the Chaplain’s office and told that my dear mom, who was anxiously awaiting my release, had just died in her sleep.

Sixteen YEARS later, after unceasing prayer, countless tears, and lengthy fasts, my son was fully, completely, wonderfully restored to my life!

God answers prayer, but not always – or even often – in the ways we expect. Why every prayer is not answered the way we pray it has been a question by God’s people throughout the ages. Job wrestled with this issue yet still declared, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him” (Job 13:15). That’s the kind of faith God wants us to have!

Being a Christian doesn’t guarantee a pain-free life of luxury. Rather, Christianity takes a tough faith: 

This one thing I know: God can bring good results from even the worst situations! We must remember and hold dearly to the fact that God cares deeply about us and our problems. We must maintain our confidence in God by trusting His promises during difficult times – and – we WILL MAKE IT THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!

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